Top pencil sketch artists with frighteningly realistic pencil portraits skills

Where the world of photography can be so enthralling, imagine the impact on you seeing something realistic drawn entirely with pencils. Unbelievable as it might seem, there are superb artists around the world who are known for their frighteningly realistic pencil portraits. Ranking them for their top arts is next to impossible as they all are highly talented in their work. Now, let’s some great names and their masterpieces in this field.

Paul Cadden

A name which has earned a reputation in the world of pencil portrait sketchers. His mind-blowing illustrations were firstly confused to be black and white images but later the viewers looked closely and found the reality in the portraits. Cadden’s speciality is still image sketching which creates unbelievably realistic looks. And, the best of all, he uses simple graphite pencils and chalk to create his drawings. Search for “Shower” by Paul Cadden and judge yourself.

Paul Cadden2

Paul Cadden 1

Paul Cadden

  • Rajacenna:

Another talented artists that has not even had any professional guidance or coaching for mastering her skills. This one is just a 19 year old artist who is really smooth when it comes to realistic pencil portraits. Her work can be seen in famous sketch books. “You are not alone” by Rajacenna is one of the best works she has done.


Rajacenna 2

Rajacenna 1

  • Jay Verma:

Jay Verma is a well-known Indian sketch artist who uses multicolour pencils to create exemplary pencil portraits. His work has been published in various sketch books too. A well-known portrait by him is of “Mother Teresa” which is definitely worth checking out.

Jay Verma1

Jay Verma2

Jay Verma

  • Randy Atwood

Randy Atwood has been known for his portraits of celebrities. Take a look at his famous portrait of Sir Sean Connery and you will undoubtedly be startled.

Realistic pencil portraits might not be a new trend, but the improvement in the realism have set up a legacy for these highly talented artists. It surely is admirable to see that pencil sketches too can challenge digital images without any doubt.

Randy Atwood

Randy Atwood2

Randy Atwood1

  • Paul Lung

Paul Lung might take his time when he is working on his creations. But, the end work is worth it. His speciality are human and animal portraits for which he works really hard to create sketches that look like they have just been snapped off a camera. His famous portrait of a “Tiger” can be seen in his portfolio on sites like Deviant Art.

Paul Lung2

Paul Lung

Paul Lung 1

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